October 30, 2014

We are trying to find creative ways of learning away from the chair.  Sitting down at a table for even a second isn't fun for either of us so we're exploring different ways of learning the essentials without having to be at a table to do it.

Yesterday we were working with measurements again.  This time we focussed on volume.  To help my daughter better understand cups, tablespoons and teaspoons, etc... we have dedicated one day a week as baking day.  Yesterday we made toffee bars.  To help my daughter remember the difference between each type of volume measurement I decided to include a little worksheet, then Aiyana could measure out the ingredients using cups, tsp and tbsp while also checking off what she used.  This is a great way to help her retain information.  Not all children learn this way but for her it works great.

I started with this worksheet that I created.

I added several measuring cups and several of the same measuring spoons because recipes always call for different ingredients of various measurements. So... as we made our toffee bars Aiyana would measure everything out and then mark off the exact measurement on the worksheet.

It's working out well.  The information is starting to stick so that makes me happy :-) Plus, she thinks baking is fun.

Teresa Robeson said...

That's exactly the kind of learning I'm talking about! Kids learn better when it's fun! :)

Oh, and the LEGO blocks should be there by Saturday, I think the estimate was.

Michelle said...

Thank you T! The legos will be a great way to learn fractions.

Epicure68 said...

Is it sticking better because you're making toffee bars? ;)

If I had learned math by making yummy foods, I probably would've aced it.

Michelle said...

Hey Monica... yes! She definitely picks up math much faster when it is hands on.