October 27, 2007

Today I cut the peppermint soap in the new soap cutter. My opinion: I LOVE IT!! Its really easy to use and fast. I'm really impressed. Originally, when I started making soap, I used whatever mold I could find. Drawer organizers, lined shoeboxes, whatever I could think of. I graduated to a beautiful brambleberry mold (one I still love and still use). I just thought I'd try this one out to see what it was like and my verdict is IT IS A KEEPER. I'm happy with the two molds I have now, I don't need any different ones at this stage but I may need larger. LOL BRAMBLEBERRY carries a larger version of the one I own and so does CREEKSIDE SOAPS.

One thing I really like about this mold is it allows for different size cuts. I didn't know that when I purchased it (didn't read all that the cutter was capable of doing).

Here are some photos of me using the creekside soap cutter. My darling daughter also gave it a try.

Anne-Marie said...

The bars look great! I love the photo of your daughter especially!

Michelle said...

Thanks AM!! She's my budding crafter :)

wonderwoman said...

Sure give the big yellow gloves to Maya!!!!! LOL The soap looks awesome. You are such a great teacher.

Carrie Garvin said...

Your daughter looks so happy helping! Wonderful! Isn't it nice to have an assistant? She's remember doing this forever.

Joanna Schmidt said...

Beautiful soaps!!

My daughter is always getting involved, too. I love it!

Susan said...

So glad you're happy with our mold and cutter system! Your photos are great!

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