October 16, 2007

I decided to order a different type of soap mold. I've been using the same one for quite a while now and just wanted a change. I decided to get the 4lb. soap mold from Creekside Soaps. I really like the looks of it. I can't wait to try it out! I also purchased the soap cutter.   

Here it is:

I also received my order from Snowdrift Farm. It is time to get busy on my holiday soaps now that everything is here. The new FO's I ordered for the holidays smell delightful. I can't say what they are yet because I'm involved in a swap with some other soapers and the scents are a big secret... for now ;)
Carrie Garvin said...

Very a "soaper" it's like Christmas receiving these items! I have purchased some from Creekside, and I like them. I don't have a cutter like that, so I will look forward to hearing how you like it.

Happy soaping!

playing with soap said...

The soap cutter definitely looks interesting. Once you have a chance of using it, please give us an update. Also never heard of Creekside. When I have a moment, I will check their site.


Michelle said...

I'll be sampling it this week so I'll let you both know about the cutter. I cut within 24 hours so I'll have an update soon.

Anne-Marie said...

Creekside makes some really nice soap dishes as well - I've purchased from them for last minute helpful Christmas touches for handmade soap.

I love getting new boxes of soap supplies in the mail - it's like a painter's canvas, blank and waiting for my special touch of creativity.

Make sure you post photos of your creations!