October 26, 2007

Well, I tried the new mold yesterday. Had a friend over who wanted to learn about soapmaking, so I let her do most the work. She did a great job!! We tried out the new mold. I wasn't as prepared as I should have been. I didn't think out how I was going to cover it until it was time to pour the soap into the mold. A little too late. I just grabbed plastic wrap and lopped it on top of the soap, hence, the little lines in the soap. I'm a perfectionist and those lines are driving me insane. Can't wait to get this out of the mold and wack off those lines. 😂 Thank goodness for soap cutters. 😂  

I'll be trying out the soap cutter tomorrow. I'll take some photos of that to share.

Rurality said...

I'm glad you posted pics of this... my molds are getting old and warped and I probably need to replace them. So do the soaps end up being about 3" wide after they're out of the mold?

I usually cover mine by stretching the plastic wrap tightly so it doesn't touch the soap. I guess you've figured that out by now LOL. :)