May 9, 2009

I recently learned that a pipeline crossing Minnesota from Alberta Canada to Wisconsin is suppose to be put in this summer. This is EXTREMELY frustrating for those of us who believe we need to turn away from our dependency on oil and move in the direction of more renewable energy. What is wrong with a society when it continues to hold onto the old knowing that it isn't the best thing for us?? We are delaying the inevitable every moment we cling to our dependency on oil.

I'm not sure how Minnesotans will stop the Enbridge pipeline from being placed in our own state but if we stop tar sand oil production there won't be any use for pipelines in North America. Here are several petitions to stop tar sand oil production in Canada. If you care about this issue I urge your to sign now:

Sierra Club Petition to Stop Pipeline/tar sand oil production

NRDC Petition to stop pipeline/tar sand oil production

CARE 2 petition to stop pipeline/tar sand oil production

What tar sand production is responsible for:

Tar sands oil development creates open pit mines, habitat fragmentation, toxic waste holding ponds, air and water pollution, upgraders and refineries, and pipelines spreading far beyond the Boreal forest. This development is destroying habitat for waterfowl and songbirds that come from all over the Americas to nest in the Boreal. Each year between 22 million and 170 million birds breed in the 35 million acres of Boreal forest that could eventually be developed for tar sands oil.

Faced with tar sands development, migrating birds don't just move elsewhere since they depend on a certain type of habitat. Not only do many adult birds die when faced with lost and fragmented habitat and ponds of mining waste, but future generations of birds will have lost their chance to exist. (NRDC)

Tar sand oil production affects wildlife, water, people, etc... To learn the facts visit: OIL and TRUTH
organic intellectual said...

Great work soap pixie. It's going to take a lot of work to stop that pipeline - and the worst part is there are many other pipelines in the works, including one connecting Alberta's tar sands to the West Coast of Canada.

There are a host of environmental problems caused by the tar sands. In addition to the obvious high carbon output, and the problem of wildlife habitat destruction (as you mentioned), one major category of problems is related to water (see http://theorganicintellectual.blogspot.com/2008/04/equation-lakes-of-tar-death.html)

Keep up the good fight!