May 12, 2009

It doesn't help that I have 2 gallons of palm oil sitting in my soap kitchen. Everytime I read anything about Palm oil and the environment I get this urge to go and dump it all. Not such a bright idea considering I've already bought it and contributed to this mess. *sigh

I came across this informative pdf on another site showing how the harvesting of palm oil is affecting the environment and animals. The visuals are very helpful in making this issue touch the soul.


At the bottom of the file you will see a section that gives the address of companies that sell palm oil. You can write those companies and request that they get their oil from "non-destructive" sources (of course you have to threaten as a soapmaker you will never buy their product again if they don't do what you are asking).

This really doesn't mean it is an end to Palm Oil for those who really love to use it. It means we need to insist that it is grown and harvested in a more ecologically sound manner. If your supplier doesn't buy from a manufacturer of sustainable palm oil then insist they do before buying from them again in the future.

Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil Members
FuturePrimitive Soap Co. said...

i just found a source in UK after looking for ages. No doubt about it, Palm oil offers what many other oils can't. Just make sure when you buy, the palm oil comes from an rspo member (roundtable for sustainable palm oil).
I'm so chuffed to finally have found my conscience is clear x

Michelle said...

Thank you so much Future Primitive for mentioning this! I've added to my original post based on the information you provided (thank you!)

Joanna Schmidt said...

I am still having trouble locating one off of that site. They sure don't make it easy!

Does anyone have specific suppliers?

Michelle said...

Definitely not easy Joanna :(

I decided I'd just email all of the companies I order supplies from asking if they purchase their palm from RSPO members (manufacturers). I'm still waiting for a response. I've been popping on random soapmaking forums, yahoo groups, etc... for months asking if anyone knows of suppliers but I either get NO answer or I find people searching for the same thing.

If I find one I'll let you know.