May 17, 2009

Have you ever gone somewhere and came home feeling completely sapped of energy, not knowing why? Spent time with friends or family and walked away feeling low? Do you ever enter a room and feel an immediate urge to leave? 

These are the moments you need a spiritual cleanse.

A spiritual cleansing is similar to a physical cleansing in the sense that you are washing something away. In a physical cleansing you wash away dirt while a spiritual cleanse washes away negative vibrations.

You can pick up negative vibrations from people or things such as a house, a piece of furniture or an article of clothing. Inanimate objects retain the energy of their former owners. If an extremely negative person lived in a home before you moved in, you are likely to feel those vibrations emanating around you.

Negative energy can make us feel tired, sad and depressed. When this happens it means your spiritual vibration has suffered. This is when you would want to do a spiritual cleanse in order to balance your spiritual vibration again.

There are many ways to do a spiritual cleanse but I will share the ones I'am most familiar with:

1. Holy Water: if you want to use this as a spiritual cleanse you would need to get it from a Catholic Priest. Holy water has the virtue of God placed within it. This is done when a priest does an exorcism of any negative influences in the tap water and table salt. The two are combined and then consecrated. A small vial of holy water can be carried and used as protection against negativity or psychic attacks.

2. Sea Water: sea water is known for its ability to absorb negative energy that is why it is often used to cleanse the crystals used in Chakra healings. There are two ways to use sea water to rid negative energy. Taking in bath in sea water or mopping your floors with sea water. This is a great way to do a spiritual cleanse if you live close to the ocean.

3. Eggs: this is a spiritual cleansing I'm very familiar with. In my husbands culture (mexican) they use eggs to do spiritual cleansing on babies. If a baby is inconsolable you take an egg, pray over it and then roll it around on the babies tummy. Crack the egg open into a glass and if it is tinged with blood it is said that you the negative vibrations were removed. For adults you roll the egg around on your neck and shoulder blades, you can break the egg open over the toilet at flush it to get rid of the negativity.

4. Smudging: this is a native american way of doing a spiritual cleanse. In smudging you burn sacred herbs. This helps clear negative energy around your body or in an entire room. Place some sage in a conch shell or other non-flamable container, light the sage and let it smolder. As the smoke rises wave the smoke near your body and breath it in or wave it around your room to clear the negative vibrations. Traditionally a bird feather is used to wave the smoke around but you can use your hand. I find this the most useful way to do a cleanse.

5. Meditating: meditation has become the most popular way to do a spiritual cleanse today. It doesn't wash away negative vibrations like the four above do, instead it is known as an energy healer. You sit alone in a room, soft music playing, candle lit. You rest your hands at your sides, let your eyes fall slightly closed as you gaze into the candle flame. As your eyes fix on the flickering light you let all your thoughts float away, resting your mind for at least 10 minutes. Meditation is known for its ability rejuvinate the soul. Hence, its popularity.

If you know of any additional ways to do a spiritual cleanse or if you try any of the above, please share your experience.
OOAK babies by Mina said...

Oh sweeite, I HEAR you. I suffer this alot. I pick up negative vibrations from people and come away with headaches and no energy. Thanks for the tips hun :)

cindy said...

Michelle, sounds wonderful we could use a negative cleansing here.

Carrie Garvin said...

Hi Michelle~ So very interesting-all of this entry.

I have had a small vival of holy water from a cousin who is a nun. I have never thought about carrying it with me-until now.

Hugs for sharing this all!

Michelle said...

OOAK, I know that feeling. You and I must be susceptible to other peoples energy.

Cyd, I hope you are doing ok. ((hugs))

Carrie, the vial of HW is a very nice gift from your cousin. She must really care about you.