December 12, 2009

This year for my sister and her staff I decided to have a Christmas party. The girls and I have come through so much together in the past 9 months I wanted to do something nice for them. Since I'm always preaching to my staff about the dangers of chemicals in our environment (LOL) I thought it would be fun to make them gift baskets comprised of only handmade goodies. At the same time I wanted to support some of my fellow indie business pals.

I asked the following people to make some goodies for the baskets.

Teresa and her sons from Homestead Notes and Two Tadpoles on Artfire made 8 soap dishes.

Carrie from Under the Willow Gifts, Mud Puddle Girl and Under the Willow Gift Shoppe made 8 bars of soap.

Amber from Ambers Ambry and Ambers Ambry Etsy Shop made 8 containers of bath salts and included with each container was a handmade spoon for scooping.

Joanna from Product Body, The Soap Bar and the Product Body Blog made 8 Creams and 8 Bath Milks.

Amy from the Great Cakes Soap Works Blog and Great Cakes Soapworks made 8 packages of bath truffles and also sent along 8 little round balls of soap.

I must apologize for my lack of pictures. I had intended to take pictures of everything that was sent but, as usual, I procrastinated and on Sunday (2 days before the party) me and 3 daughters came down with the stomach flu which left us bed bound until early Tuesday morning. Our staff party was Tuesday evening so I quickly put the baskets together forgetting to take photos of individual gifts :(

Middy reminded me to take a picture of the completed basket.

As usual, I'm a dope when comes to photography and I forgot to switch the camera into the correct mode when I took the following pictures at the staff party. I hope they aren't too awful.

Angie smelling her sexy laundry day cream from Joanna.

My sisters support team gathered around for a holiday photo.

Joy, Daba and Mia giving big smiles to show they love the gift baskets.

Thank you everyone for creating such great prezzies. Everything was loved by everyone. You may even be hearing from a few people :)
Anonymous said...

You are such a dear...both for treating your staff so well and also for supporting indie biz folks!!

Your daughter is a cutie-pie (bet she hears that all the time)!

Amy W said...

Oh wow. Didn't know you had the flu! So glad you recuperated in time for the par-tay! :)

cindy said...

Michelle I am so happy the staff is working out well with Kelly for you. What a wonderful Christmas present to give them. HUGS!!!

Michelle said...

Thanks T, Middy will be happy to read that. She's such a girly girl, she loves when people say she's cute :)

Amy, we are all healthy now *crossing fingers. I hope you and yours are all doing well this winter.

Hey Cyd, things are so much better now. You are definitely aware of some of the troubles with staff I've had. We've weeded out the bad seeds and brought in some newbies over the summer and now things are going great!

Anne-Marie said...

What a fun present - and it was so nice of everyone to contribute to it.

Here's to a fabulous holiday season for you and your family. =)