December 30, 2009

A friend asked me whether or not I make New Years Resolutions. My reply? Um... not exactly. I believe change can come at any time. New Years is just that... a new year. Time and nothing more. I understand some people need a starting point to change but my changing points come throughout my life. I always joke close to New Years that I have to make changes but I seriously never do. I change when the feeling hits me. If it is April at 2 am and I feel like changing something, then I change it. 

Last year I did make a list on my blog of New Years Resolutions. I looked over that list to see what I had accomplished.

2009's Resolution List:
1. I promise not to wake up before 11 am. BROKE
2. I promise not to work out more than 1x a week. RELUCTANTLY BREAKING
3. I promise not to avoid chocolate. BROKE
4. I promise not to skip a snickers cooler each day from caribou. BROKE
5. I promise only to walk the dog if she barks uncontrollably and whines a little. KEPT THIS ONE
6. I promise to be extra late dropping my kids at school so I can sleep later. BROKE (The teacher threatened my life, what can I do)
7. I promise to spend extra money on soapmaking supplies and cardmaking supplies. BROKE (I need to spend more)
8. I promise not to give my husband too much alone time. KEPT
9. I promise to eat out and not cook at least 4x's a week. BROKE (the domestic goddess title is calling my name)
10. I promise to give my kids unhealthy food daily. BROKE (Now it is only a few times a week)
11. I promise to do laundry only once a month. BROKE
12. I promise to clean house every six months. BROKE
13. I promise not to read or write too much. KEPT
14. I promise not to help my kids with homework. TRYING TO KEEP THIS ONE BUT THEY WON'T LET ME
15. I promise not to have long talks with my children when they have inquisitive questions about life. TRYING TO KEEP BUT IT IS REALLY DIFFICULT SINCE I'M WORDY BY NATURE.

See what I mean. Who needs New Years Resolutions anyway????
Anonymous said...

I feel the same way, M! LOL @ your "broken" list!! That is me to a t. I do have a couple of things I want to resolve to, but I'm afraid to even mention them. ;)

Huge hugs for a most wonderful 2010 for you and yours!!!

Unknown said...

happy new year 2010

Unknown said...

happy new year

Minka said...

I love your list! Thanks for making me laugh!