March 7, 2010

Been busy around the house and with the family lately so I haven't had time to organized my thoughts in order to make an interesting post. Rather, I've decided to post now about various things since I hate leaving my blog to collect dust.

#1 Carrie over at Under the Willow Gifts is having a Spring Giveaway of her natural laundry soap. Don't miss it! Her laundry soap is fabulous. Works better than anything on the shelves at the market and smells 100'x better. You'll fall in love with her laundry soap after the first use!

#2 If you want to break my heart, become an old dog with arthritis. Every morning I wake to find my little old girl sleeping on top of the heating vent. Sometimes I'll bring her to bed with me (but I'm somewhat allergic so it doesn't always work out), but the days I can't snuggle with her she finds ways to warm her old bones. It is so sad to see our pets age :(

#3 Made some fun products for a custom order I received. I'm really loving the clear solid lotion containers - They are the perfect size!

#4 Never seen an owl in the wild. The other night my hubby pointed out that one landed on the roof of my neighbors house. I was so excited I had to take a picture. The picture is awful :( but it was my first out door owl experience so... can you see it?

#5 Just received my bella swap. For anyone who loves rubber stamping you must get bella. She is soooooooo stinkin cute. There is one for every occasion. I'll be making a bunch of bella cards for my etsy shop (which will be up and running this spring).

#6 My beekeeping course starts next weekend. I received a letter telling me that 250 people are enrolled in the course. Very exciting! Can't wait to learn and blog about my experience.

My hubby loves drawing me pictures. This was his latest.
Carrie Garvin said...

Lots of your post! Thank you for mentioning the natural laundry soap giveaway ~ I appreciate it.

And oooooooooo.... my heart goes out to your little dog on the warming vent. Poor little thing---I'm wondering if you can put her on a blanket with a heating pad (the kind you warm up in the microwave)... maybe that would be some comfort.

It hurts when our pets are hurting...awww....hugs

On a bright side you have pictures of some amazing soaps, and lotion you have made. Your packaging is just beautiful ~ and I know the quality is outstanding.

AND Beekeeping- good for you! I mentioned before --I'm a BIT afraid of bees....

Amy W said...

I can see the shadow-y form of an owl!! I've never seen one in the wild before either - very cool. Will be looking forward to hearing about your beekeeping classes!

Anonymous said...

Missed you, M!

Love Carrie's laundry soaps!

Oh, your poor dear doggie! Mine's only 3, and I don't want to face that stage of her life...

Beautiful soaps! I can't wait to use yours (like Joanna of Product Body, I have so many soaps, it takes me forever to get around to a bar). :)

Cool owl pic! I love that it's silhouetted against the night sky like that!

Don't even tempt me about rubber stamps; I could spend a fortune on those things. LOL!

Hooray for your starting the course! Keep us posted. We will do it one day...

Hey, your hubby draws great pictures! Has he thought about doing professional illustrations or cartooning?

Michelle said...

Thanks for the tip! I need to get another heating pad. We used one a few years ago for her when her hip went out and it helped a lot. She'd probably really like it now.

Re: the bees. I'm already getting nervous. I've heard that they sting through the bee suit and we have to remain calm. Um... I'm normally not calm when I get stung so this shall be interesting. LOL!

Yay! You can see it :) When hubby pointed it out it took me forever to find it because of the darkness. I think it is time for a better lens because zoom would have really helped in this case :/

Hey T,
Thanks for posting about Carrie's laundry soap! I never think about posting other peoples giveaways and you always are so kind to share those, I really need to do more of it. Thank you for the guidance.

I'll tell my hubby what you said about his art. I keep begging him to start selling his drawings on etsy but he hasn't done it yet. He thinks it isn't good enough :( your words will make him happy!

I can't wait for you to start beekeeping someday. It will be fun to discuss :)

cindy said...

Michelle, your little girl reminds me of my little guy. He lives by the heat register. In fact they are greying in the exact same ares. Pablo loves the heating pad, but worry about him burning his little bum as he has very little hair. We do have a small dog snuggle that he actually does not mind wearing.

We are getting used to the wild life up here in the north. No owls yet, plenty of deer. Heard the wolves last night, they sound so eerie!

The soap lookes wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I have a senior dog as well. Heartbreaking. However, life sounds full for you! Be blessed in your classes and experience.

koinonia community said...

I took a beekeeping course last year and loved it. The more I learned about them the less afraid I was. By the time we handled them, I just wore long sleeves and a veil. I never knew how cool bees were until I started learning about them. You'll enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Your puppa is beautiful, we have a senior labrador dog and he has got more sooky as time has gone on. He used to cry and yelp from the pain in his back hips and I put him on human glucosamine approx 1/2 the human dose for 2 mths and all signs of his arthritis pain seemed to go. He got a new lease on life. Thought this may help your puppa. Lovelly pink soap as well.

Michelle said...

Thank you for the suggestion Sharon. I will talk with our vet and see if our dog could use something like that. She's so wobbly right now. It is tough for her to get going in the morning. I'm glad you dog is feeling better!

koinonia community said...

We had given my shepard/lab glucosamine as well. I just got some at the drug store that was on sale (and dye free) and we started giving her a pill a day. She started moving around so much better. You could tell she was in less pain. She even ran again.