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Been busy around the house and with the family lately so I haven't had time to organized my thoughts in order to make an interesting post. Rather, I've decided to post now about various things since I hate leaving my blog to collect dust.

#1 Carrie over at Under the Willow Gifts is having a Spring Giveaway of her natural laundry soap. Don't miss it! Her laundry soap is fabulous. Works better than anything on the shelves at the market and smells 100'x better. You'll fall in love with her laundry soap after the first use!

#2 If you want to break my heart, become an old dog with arthritis. Every morning I wake to find my little old girl sleeping on top of the heating vent. Sometimes I'll bring her to bed with me (but I'm somewhat allergic so it doesn't always work out), but the days I can't snuggle with her she finds ways to warm her old bones. It is so sad to see our pets age :(

#3 Made some fun products for a custom order I received. I'm really loving the clear solid lotion containers - They are the perfect size!

#4 Never seen an owl in the wild. The other night my hubby pointed out that one landed on the roof of my neighbors house. I was so excited I had to take a picture. The picture is awful :( but it was my first out door owl experience so... can you see it?

#5 Just received my bella swap. For anyone who loves rubber stamping you must get bella. She is soooooooo stinkin cute. There is one for every occasion. I'll be making a bunch of bella cards for my etsy shop (which will be up and running this spring).

#6 My beekeeping course starts next weekend. I received a letter telling me that 250 people are enrolled in the course. Very exciting! Can't wait to learn and blog about my experience.

My hubby loves drawing me pictures. This was his latest.
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