March 19, 2010

I placed an order for my bees yesterday and I'll be picking them up on April 21. I'm more nervous than excited at this point. Right now I'm still pouring through beekeeping equipment catalogs trying to decide on what I need/want, plus making sure I remember everything I'm suppose to do once my bees arrive. I'll be ordering the beekeeping video put together by the University because it is very thorough and it will help me stay on track once my bees are hived. Yikes! Feels like April 21 is around the corner.
Joanna said...

what made you go into bee keeping, Michelle?

I think it is WAY cool and I wish we lived closer because I'd love to watch from indoors;) but keep me updated. I am super interested in propolis. It is supposed to be good for Crohns.

This is interesting!

Michelle said...

Hi Joanna,

Sorry this reply is so late. I'll have to read more about propolis as we didn't cover much about its use in class.

I wish you lived closer too :)

My interest in beekeeping grew out of my fear of bees, if that makes sense. LOL! I went from major bee phobia to this. A process. I'm not exactly sure why I'm here yet.