I finished my beekeeping course, ordered my bees, tonight I order my supplies. I chose the carniolan bees. Not sure if it was the best choice but I'll soon find out. They are the most docile bee, over winter better than others, but they love to swarm. I've been taught how to eliminate swarming and hopefully I don't screw it up because my neighbors wouldn't be happy if they found a swarm of bees hanging out in their backyard. 

I'm very excited. Can't wait to produce my own honey and beeswax. I tend to buy a ton of both. I'll be able to give beeswax and honey gifts for the holidays, which I know people will enjoy. Not to mention getting to know everything I possibly can about such a wonderful little creature as the honey bee. My kids will be suiting up to help me with the hive, which I know they will enjoy. Stay tuned for pictures. I'll be documenting this little journey of ours and hopefully it will inspire others to take up the hobby as well. Remember, without honey bees we lose quite a bit... no nuts, less fruit, you name it.

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