June 25, 2010

We recently took a small trip to the North Shore of Minnesota. Always a beautiful location to spend time in with the family.

This year we rented some Trikes for Life and it was well worth it. If anyone is ever up in the Two Harbors area, check out Bob's trikes and you'll have a great bike ride along Lake Superior. It is really wonderful way to experience nature in the North Woods. Very relaxing yet challenging at the same time. We even rode the last stretch in the rain and we loved it!

We spent most of our time hanging out at the cabin and playing on the shore of Lake Superior. We also went to the falls by Gooseberry state park. Here are the girls enjoying themselves:

I managed to finally make some strawberry jam. It wasn't as difficult as I thought. Turned out to be quite easy. I followed this VIDEO , although I did use more berries than she suggested and I also didn't end up with a lot of foam at the end like she did. My jam turned out great! I did learn one valuable lesson though. It sure takes a lot of berries to make one jar of jam so I will definitely be planting many more strawberries in my backyard. I really enjoyed it and so I plan on doing pickles next.

The last thing I want to share is a little gift sent by a childhood friend that I reconnected with on facebook some time ago. She has the best memory!! I was a collector of E.T & Smurf figurines when I was around 10 yrs old and so my friend, Athena, sent my kids these little chocolate eggs that contained mini smurf figurines. My two oldest know what smurfs are but my youngest doesn't, it makes me realize how far away the 80's actually are. But... Aiyana not knowing what they are loved them anyway and now maybe can start her own collection :)


Jennifer Young said...

Just to let you know... I also collected smurf figurines when I was about 10 or 11... I actually saved them and my daughter played with them too. We still have them! xo Jen

Michelle said...


Looks like you and I have more and more in common all the time :)

That is so cool that you kept yours and that your kids were able to enjoy them too. I have no idea where mine went :( I wish they still sold them. I think the cartoon is still being played though.