June 28, 2010

There was a great soap swap on the facebook group we "heart" soap recently, the theme was "all natural" and this is what I received.

I must say, some very talented soapers in this bunch. Lots of lovely soaps and other goodies. I feel lucky to have participated and received such wonderful things.

I didn't take them out of their packages yet, which maybe I should have so you could see how beautiful they are. I apologize to those whose pictures are somewhat blurry. I was rushing =( I'm not sure whose is whose on the rosemary mint and kaui sunrise since they didn't have names on them. I will take a guess, if I made a mistake please correct me and I will fix it.

These were the ladies in my group:

Natalie (Koinonia Community)

Sharon (Platypus Dreams)

Amber (Amber's Ambry)

Heidi (Soapaholics Anonymous)

Erica (Bonnie Bath)

Joanne (Cliff Island Soapworks)

Elizabeth (Gassner Custom Soaps)

I also received this really cute mold from Elizabeth Gassner of Gassner Custom Soaps. I'm so happy because this is the mold I always wanted. Now that I have my very own bees this mold will come in handy for many things. Thank you Elizabeth (I had to put it next to a pink shirt so it was visible. LOL!

Jennifer Young said...

Thanks for all the photos! Products look great. Awesome to see so many people doing all natural soaps. It'll take you forever to try them all out!! Have fun with the new mould! xo Jen

Carrie Garvin said...

What a great swap!

Joan Morais said...

How fun, you got some great soaps! I saw the Kauai Sunrise soap. I was born on Kauai.

Amy Warden said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad the 2nd group finally got their goodies! :) What a cute bee mold!

Michelle said...


They smell awesome. Scented only with essential oils :)


You must join us for the next one. Hopefully another one in the fall.


I'm jealous. I bet Kauai is absolutely beautiful. We've only been to Oahu (North Shore) on vacation but when I'm there we never want to leave.

We made it! We finally have our goodies. Woohoo!

koinonia community said...

I took pics and have been meaning to post them as well. I've just been slack.