Although every beekeeper probably deals with this from time to time and knows exactly what it means and how to handle it, for me it means only one thing... MY BEES ARE GOING TO SWARM!

Everything looks great in the hive. I have capped brood, larva, the bees are coming and going with pollen (hopefully nectar too since I stole their syrup jar) and only 5frames in my 10 frame deep have been filled out (including one whole frame of honey).

Brood tells me that the queen is alive so I don't think this is a queen cell because they are queenless. What else could it mean but swarm time. I was reading that when you have long periods of wet and cold where the bees are unable to forage they tend to want to swarm. On top of that, I have carniolans and they are the swarmers of all swarmers.

I'm not 100% sure this is a queen cell as of yet since this would be my first viewing of anything remotely close but if it is, the next order of business is to find out what the heck I'm going to do to stop this swarming madness.

For those are are seeing this picture, I thought it was just comb. All along the bottom of the frames in the 2nd deep there is comb connecting itself to the frames on in the first deep. The difference with this, as you can kind of tell, is that it isn't on the very bottom of the frame but instead is on the side of it.
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