December 22, 2010

Our little patch of dead bees has come to be known as the graveyard, which is what it feels like I am seeing everytime I visit the hive lately. At present my hive is half covered in snow which I need to deal with. These cold snowy days are serious cause for concern since long winters tend not to be any survival advantage for bees. I keep reminding myself that this is my first year as a beek and I only have the one hive and all of this is knowlege and experience I didn't have last year at the same time but... it isn't working. I will still feel really sad if they don't survive. 

BTW/ those bees clinging to the hive entrance are dead.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that makes me sad too, looking at the dead bees still clinging to the hole. :( But you are a quick learner, M, so I know your bees are in good hands.