December 29, 2010

I had the luxury today of witnessing some bee suicide or maybe it was bee eviction and a little bit of bee poop. Is that a luxury?? Oh well, for a beekeeper it is. 

I tried getting close enough to clear the lower entrance of snow but the girls weren't having it. They did, however, let me sit back and watch as they gathered to toss out several able bodied sisters, at least they were kicking and buzzing so that meant able bodied to me and I also watched as a few flew in and out to do their "business."

Cleansing flights come early for Carniolans because it is only 35 degrees F today and most beeks and books say cleansing flights usually happen above 50. Hmmmm... maybe it wasn't eviction or suicide at all, maybe the girls think they have the strength to cleanse but they don't.

Anne-Marie said...

Hilarious. I saw your title and could not imagine where you could possibly be going with that. Very interesting!

madpiano said...

I love your Bee Keeping blog. It sounds like such an interesting hobby. I never knew that Bees poop??? Well, I guess why not. Just never occurred to me...
Weirdly enough a lot of animals here seem to exhibit early spring behaviour. Maybe it will be a harsh but short winter after all...The foxes are driving me nuts!

Michelle said...


I struggled with the title so I just went with my confusion. LOL! I'm still trying to figure out if my bees are being booted from the hive or if they are leaping to their death. It is sad to think that one would toss a fellow sister into their own excrement. With sisters like that who needs enemies right!?! LOL!


We now have bee vomit = honey and cleansing = bee poop. Who knew that bee keeping would be all about bodily functions. LOL!