December 4, 2010

My dear friend Carrie over at Under the Willow Gifts makes the most awesome products that each year or throughout I always need to get my hands on some. I can't blog about what I purchased too much right now as I've ordered these for Christmas gifts and the recipients read this blog but I couldn't contain my excitement so I wanted to say at least this... 

If anyone is looking for high quality handmade body products filled with at heart and soul, wrapped up in the most creative, adorable fashion, then shop at Under the Willow Gifts. Carrie, the owner, has experience and knowledge to create the best products and I am very excited to share her creations again this year.

Thank you Carrie for the extra goodies! My kids immediately noted that there were 3 small lipbalms for little hands and one large one for momma :) Middy wants you to know that she loves how creamy soft your lip balm is.

Carrie Garvin said...

Oh Michelle! Thank you for the wonderful shout out! AND I'm so glad your little girls found the lip balms :)-

I hope everyone enjoys the gifts they receive!


Anonymous said...

Carrie does make marvelous things, doesn't she? :) What a lovely load of goodies you bought from her!