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For over a year now my friend Angie has been trying to convince me to try the "neti pot." I had read a little bit about it several years ago but the thought of running water through my sinuses brought back bad memories of the time I almost drown, 

Last year an herbalist told me that I would need to get rid of my dogs. Turns out they are the cause of a persistent glob of mucus I've had in the back of my throat for the past 15 years. Again, Angie told me to try the "neti pot". On top of the mucus issue I have a deviated septum and, therefore, am susceptible to colds and never have free flow of air on one side of my nose. Again, Angie told me to try the "net pot."

Actually, Angie should be a spokesperson for the "neti pot" manufacturers because she does a very convincing sell of the product. She sold me 100x's over until I got over the fear that I may die during the process.

I was pretty ill since December and so I worked up the courage, with Angie on the phone talking me through it of course, to give the "neti pot" a try. I was hoping the little saline mix in the water would prevent that feeling of drowning but it didn't. As soon as the warm water rushed into my sinuses I started to panic but knew it was temporary (Again, Angie said it would pass), so I hung in there. Once I finished I did the EXACT opposite of what I was suppose to do. I blew my nose really hard. Immediately my left ear plugged up and about 5 minutes later I had annoying pressure on one side of my face. I bitched and moaned about how I should never have done the darn "neti pot" and my ear would be just fine. 15 minutes after that my nose let out a mini burst of water and the pressure and plug were gone. Once I calmed down about the entire experience I realized I was the problem and not the "neti pot." I didn't follow the basic instructions which state: DO NOT BLOW HARD afterwards. (moral of that mini story: follow directions).

Because this was the first time in many years that I didn't feel a blob of mucus in the back of my throat I continued on daily with my "neti pot" treatments.

Result: Angie was right! Not only do I now sleep without choking on my own snot but my facial congestion during my illness was nowhere near as bad as it could have been. Everytime I felt the congestion coming I would flush my sinuses and I was good to go. The plus in all of this is that my breathing is actually much clearer than it was before. No, my septum didn't miraculously correct itself but it isn't anywhere near as difficult to breath on that one side as it was before.

I've posted a picture of myself doing the "neti pot" - not the best picture (yes, I just woke up, yes, it is early in the morning). I thought it would be better than some random pic off the net that no one can relate to. Trust me, if you are at all aprehensive about trying this I assure you that if I can do it, so you can you :)

Thanks Angie!!

If my readers have no clue what I'm referring to, please read the following. There is even a video on how to use the neti pot.



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