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A big thank you to Jared over at JARED'S BEES for letting me share this picture.  

This is the sight I dread. Little bee butts up in the air while they are face down in a cell looking for food. The bees in the above picture are all dead because they starved to death. It doesn't mean they ran out of honey, in fact, these little girls were just inches from food when they died. 

Here in Minnesota we are facing one of the harshest winters in years. The snow started to fall early and the temps are below normal. The longer the winter the more I worry about my bees surviving.

The picture above reminds me that no matter how well you manage a hive we can't always prevent the inevitable :(

If only there was a way to pump copious amounts of honey into the mouths of my bees so they didn't have to do any other work besides staying warm. *sigh
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