July 1, 2023

Our family has wanted to visit a lavender farm for years but we've been unable to make a trip out to Washington state where they have the nations most beautiful lavender farms. We found one place in Wisconsin that grows lavender and allows visits but it is a five hour drive there, a ferry ride to an island, then a five hour drive back and I like to bring my granddog everywhere with us and they aren't dog friendly 😭 

This year while checking out Instagram I came across a post by a farmer just 10 miles from my house. She has a new lavender farm called Lavender Barnyard so I quickly signed us all up for some lavender picking and we headed over there. She's in the early stages of developing her business but she still had a good variety of lavenders to pick from and she has a great little gift shop. The owner is super nice and she shared her plans for expanding in the future, which we really look forward to because we'd like to make multiple visits each year. Following are some of the pictures we took from our first visit. 

We currently have the lavender hang drying in the living room and the whole area smells amazing!!