July 4, 2023

For years I've had people tell me I should try acupuncture but I have a severe needle phobia so I've avoided it. I don't care how tiny the needle is, it's still a needle and just knowing it's being stuck into my skin is enough to make me sweat and worry. 

A few months ago I finally broke down and went for my first treatment. I had such severe anxiety at the time and nothing was helping with the reflux, insomnia, and adrenaline rushes that I thought acupuncture couldn't hurt. I first tried a place in Burnsville. I was amazed at my first session because I didn't feel the needles at all and the rush of energy I felt flowing through my body made me euphoric. I knew right away that I was hooked. My new doctor recently had me try a new acupuncturist in Roseville, one with more knowledge and experience with Chinese medicine, and I'm so glad I switched over to her because she's truly a master at what she does. 

Every time I get a treatment I walk out feeling 100x better than when I went in. I still fear the needles and I cringe every time I have to lay down on the table and be poked but I love the outcome so much I just don't care. I feel the needles more now which is a good sign according to the acupuncturist. My favorite part of each session is feeling the energy flow through my entire body. I use to only feel energy in my hands but now I sense it from my head to my toes. It's calming and healing for sure. 

If you've ever tried acupuncture I'd love to read about your experience.