July 17, 2023

My daughter and I have been wanting to have a potluck garden party for years but it's complicated since our entire backyard is forest and native plants with our man made trails going through. It's filled with pollinators, stinging and biting insects; all things we choose to attract with native plants but don't coexist in close proximity to people and our food very well. This year, since it's the 3rd year of the drought, we aren't getting the abundant wasp population we normally have because the Joe pye weed and goldenrod are a bit behind the blooming schedule so we had a chance to carve out a spot for a party. We removed a bunch of mint and chives to locate elsewhere and then cleared the ground for tables. Our little party was nestled in among the plants and everything went great. We didn't see a single mosquito, YAY, and only a few insects appeared to sniff at the food. 

We had a lot of crafting with friends. We're so grateful for wonderful people to spend time with creating in the beautiful outdoors. 

Painting by Maya Valadez