June 19, 2024

One of my favorite quotes comes from Aldo Leopold

"There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot."

I cannot.

The world is lifeless without wild things. Each day I awake I'm overwhelmed with gratefulness for all of the critters that choose to visit our property. Our home is planted smack dab in the middle of their territory and yet they don't hold any ill will towards us. They come, eat, play, and leave. Their very existence makes everything beautiful. 

I took a short trip up north this past week and had the pleasure of seeing lots of feathered friends; mallards, geese, mergansers, gulls. They reside in town and in the forest. They're everywhere and always willing to gift us with their presence. Here are a few photos of our wild neighbors and some scenery too. 

Me just admiring the beautiful scenery at Grand Portage state park.

A mallard and her ducklings. We encountered this bunch on a walk in Grand Marais. 

An overlook near the Grand Portage reservation.

A ring-billed gull we encountered walking around in Grand Marais.

A waterfall at Devil's Kettle

A gorgeous loon.

The shore of Lake Superior at dusk.

Mama mallard and her babies.

The bay in Grand Marias at dusk.