June 17, 2024

Over the years I've tweaked my base soap recipe quite a bit. I originally started using just palm, coconut, and olive oil but as time went on I evolved into using products that I felt more comfortable with ethically and physically. Ya see, I won't sell something I don't use on myself and my soaps are no exception. Once upon a time in the early years of making soap I use to use too much coconut oil. It took me a while to figure out why my skin was so dry after a shower. My husband and kids had no problems so I didn't immediately link it to my soap, but it turned out my skin doesn't love a high percentage of coconut oil in a recipe and after doing some research I learned this wasn't uncommon. Some people just don't do well with coconut oil when it is 20% or more in a recipe for soap so I had to lower it way down.
I continued to play with recipes along the way, changing the oil types based on their properties and what type of bar they would ultimate create. Did it lather enough? Was it moisturizing? Was the bar hard?

I also made another change when I didn't like the environmental impact of using so much palm oil and didn't care for the greenwashing tactic of the fake "sustainable palm oil" by the RSPO so I just stopped using palm oil in my base recipe entirely. Without the use of palm oil I struggled to find a recipe that was everything I wanted for a variety of skin types while at the same time creating a fluffy lather and still being firm enough not to disintegrate in the shower after the first use. It took a few more experiments before I finally found that perfect recipe but I did and that's the one I still use it to this day. 

My current recipe consists of the following butters and oils:

Almond Oil is said to soothe dry skin and improve skin tone. It's highly emollient which means it can prevent moisture and water loss. It's full of vitamin A and vitamin E which may help heal sun damage and reduce signs of aging, scars and wrinkles. 

Babassu Oil is said to be packed full of antioxidants which can help moisturize skin and reduce cellular damage. 

Coconut Oil is said to be a hydrating oil so it can prevent moisture loss and be very nourishing to dry skin. It also contains antibacterial properties and is helpful at removing dirt and makeup buildup. 

Olive Oil or Rice Bran Oil OO is known for moisturizing the skin and helpful at improving skin tone and texture due to its antioxidant and polyphenol properties. It is also known for easily penetrating the skin to cleanse it by removing dead skin cells. RB is said to be deeply hydrating and helpful at protecting the skin from sun damage. It shares many of the same properties as OO. 

Shea Butter  is known for being very moisturizing. It easily penetrates the skin and contains anti-inflammatory properties. It is commonly used after sun exposure or to help reduce acne or calm rashes. It is contains a high amount of Vitamin A & E.

Mango Butter is known for being anti-inflammatory and soothing. It contains vitamin A which is known to reduce signs of aging, wrinkles, and scars. This oil can be helpful at cleaning the skin and unclogging pores. 

Cocoa Butter is said to be moisturizing, protective and prevent moisture loss. It is known for being high in antioxidants, protecting against sun damage and good for sensitive skin.

Avocado Oil can be helpful at neutralizing free radical damage and protecting skin cells. It contains a lot of Vitamin C which may prevent wrinkles. This oil is helpful for dry and sunburned skin. This oil moisturizing and helps soften skin. 

Now the big question is, will your skin love my soap? There's only one way to find out. 😉