November 6, 2010

Can you tell I'm feeling paper crafty lately?

I have my phases and this months phase is paper. I was trying to find a small box pattern when I came across a blog with this box holding a a washcloth cupcake (very cute). 

So, this box pattern is not mine, we have PASSIONATELY ARTISTIC to thank for it. The instructions are on her blog or else you can follow along with mine.

You'll need:


Sheet of cellophane
Patterned paper
double sided tape
Scor-pal (or other scoring device)
Paper cutter
Measuring stick (if your cutter doesn't have measurements)
Circle & Scallop punches or other circular cutting device

First: cut a 12x12 piece of cardstock down to 10.5 x 10.5

Second: score at 3 1/4 on all four sides (I hope you can see the score lines)

Third: cut 1.5 inches off of template on all four sides and .5 inch notches angled diagonally on all four sides.

Fourth: assemble and secure your box.


First: cut a piece of decorative paper down to 6 1/8 x 6 1/8 and then score at 1 inch on all four sides.

Second: cut notches on all four sides. To do this you will measure in 3/16 of an inch from the score line on all four sides and then cut in at an angel like I did in the picture.

Third: You can use circle punches for this step or some other type of circular cutting device. I used a stampin up circle cutter with blade for the plain cirlce that I'm not even sure they carry anymore and a scallop circle punch for the frame. The punches would work much faster and easier. Passionately Artistic suggests using the 3 3/8 scallop circle punch and the 3 1/4 circle punch which would make the opening of the box bigger than what I have shown here.

I cut my scallop and then I cut a circle out of the center. This frame will fit perfectly around the circle window of my box.

Here I punched the hole in the center of box top and attached the scalloped frame.

Fourth: assemble your box top.


You'll need an insert so your cupcake doesn't rattle around in the box.

First: cut a square piece of coordinating cardstock at 4 7/8 x 4 7/8.
Second: score at 1 inch on all four sides.

Third: punch a hole in center to hold your cupcake. I used my stampin up cutter which allows for various circle sizes and I used the circle size that matched the size of a standard cupcake base. I'm not sure if a circle punch would be exact to the base of a cupcake, you would have to play with that.

Fourth: cut notches on all four sides of your insert. There was no measuring required here, just do it by site.

Fifth: place insert into the center of box base.

Add your cupcake, put the cover on and ta da... it is all finished. I added a little cellophane window but it could be left open for smelling purposes. I didn't gussy it up with tags or anything but that is a possibility as well, or maybe even some fun accessories around the box top and/or sides :) You could also add shredded paper inside to surround the cupcake or even wrap the cupcake in cellophane with a coordinating bow that would peak through the circle window.

Carrie Garvin said...

Adorable! And with your extra touches sooo darn cute! Great tutorial!

Anonymous said...

You are so good with paper, M! I swear to you I can't duplicate that. I wish you lived next door and I could help make cupcakes while you frost them and make the boxes. I'm not good with frosting either. I'm pathetic. LOL!

Amy Warden said...

This is so cute!!! Love the lip balm container as well - great job!