November 3, 2010

I was walking through the MOA this afternoon when I saw this cute itty bitty bag holding a lip balm tin. I thought the bag was uber cute so I bought it, took it home and disassembled the bag so I could make the template. I'm not a big fan of lipbalm in tins but I do make natural perfume oils that I put into flat tins and therefore, I'm turning these into stocking stuffer gifts.
I wanted to share this idea with others in case you too are in need of some stocking stuffer ideas this Christmas. This bag is really simple. I tried really hard to create a template to share but I'm no expert at this type of thing. The template before folded must measure 5 1/2 x 5 inches in order to fit the .5 oz flat tin perfectly. You will need to adjust the template to get it to the right size because I had no idea how to size it correctly on my computer (it just sorta grew after I scanned my original).


If you have trouble viewing the template let me know. I can email the .pdf

Fits tin size .5 oz

Here is my sample (I have Christmas paper on order so I did this one as a simple "to you from me.") I used the lipbalm that came with the sample I purchased. Sorry about the blurry pictures, photography isn't my forte either :(

Cut out template:

Scor along designated lines (and fold):

Using a 1 3/8 circle punch, punch a hole in the lower front of bag:

I added a scallop border using a scallop punch. You can see that part of the flat covers the circle opening so I just trimmed that bit off (it must have been my measuring skills that I don't have either):

Now that you've trimmed off that extra bit you will adhere the flap on the left side of bag:

Then fold in the bottom:

So it looks like this:

Pinch in the sides:

So it looks like this:

Punch a hole small through the flap and all the layers of cardstock:

Wrap ribbon or raffia through the hole twice and tie:

You need to wrap it twice to make the flap lay flat:

Decorate with a little tag and your done:

One tip: cut a piece of cardboard and slide it in behind your lipbalm tube to keep it pressed snuggly against the window.
Jennifer Young said...

Gorgeous! Love it! xo Jen

Cocobong Soaps said...

Michelle, what a beautiful idea! I love your tutorial, thanks for sharing that :) I'm so bad with glue and paper and precise measuring..always in awe of all you wrapping queens out there!

Ambra said...

How absolutely beautiful! I don't think I could replicate that, but I can drool :)

Anne-Marie said...

This is such an adorable packaging idea and so, so well executed! You're a master packer! Super cute :)

Anonymous said...

It is super cute! :)