November 2, 2010

Wow! Is this post going to be out of order. I should be blogging about my bees getting ready for winter but I finally found the charger to my camera so I'm able to talk about the honey extraction I was invited to observe this fall.

Unfortunately my bees didn't make enough honey for me to take this year so Cindy and Mark over at Bees In Our Bonnets invited me over to watch them extract honey. It was a great experience. It certainly makes me feel more prepared for honey extraction time next year.

Here is one of Mark and Cindy's two hives with the honey supers on (Four Horseman Apiary)

Mark is lightly brushing the bees off of the frames of honey.

Mark and Cindy's son has placed the frames in the extractor. He cranked quite a bit on the manual extractor and we stood by and watched as the honey came out.

Here is Mark and Cindy's son filtering the honey of bee parts as it poured out of the extractor into the bucket.

Cindy was kind of enough to share one of her honey bears and some handmade jam with my daughter and I before we departed.

Thank you Cindy and Mark for allowing us to come by and watch while you bottled your first years batch of honey!!!
Pam J. said...

Nice! Thanks for this. Everything looks so neat and tidy, and I see no spills. I've got a feeling that when my turn comes to harvest honey, assuming that day ever comes, it won't be so neat in my harvesting area.

Michelle said...

I have a feeling our honey extraction day won't go quite as well as Mark and Cindy's either. I'm always hyper when I do something for the first time, forgetting every step along the way. Mark and Cindy made everything flow so nicely, I'm pretty sure we will be a mess. LOL!

I hope our bees survive the winter and do well next year. I look forward to reading how things are going for you Pam!

TeresaR said...

I find it a fascinating process! We've been on a fieldtrip to our local honey farm and it was the coolest thing. I hope your bees do well next year too!