April 30, 2010

I haven't inspected anything yet :( We were suppose to inspect the hive in 4-7 days after installation. I procrastinated. I've been very nervous about the process so I thought waiting til day 7 was the best. Ok, day 7 was yesterday and it was rainy, cloudy and windy. Of course now today is rainy, cloudy and windy and tomorrow is suppose to windy and cloudy. I feel horrible. All I can hope for is that the queen is laying eggs and the bees have enough pollen (I haven't checked the pollen patty since install because that is suppose to be done on hive inspection). I notice they are bringing in copius amounts of pollen on their little legs so I'm not too worried about that. I checked the sugar syrup, half of jar has been consumed in 2 days. Just really really hoping queen mama is ok and that my delaying the inspection until her daughters are in a better mood won't do any harm.

(NOTE: not the best to inspect on cloudy, rainy days since the girls will be a bit more testy).