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Is coming and I must admit, I'm somewhat afraid. It was one thing to hive those little buggers but opening the hive after they've already established themselves is another thing altogether. So far I've had two anxiety ridden nights just thinking about it so I try not to think. I know that THEY know the hive is now theirs so I'll be trespassing on their territory........ shiver.

For those who may not know, when I posted previously about inspecting the hives to make sure they were eating I am just opening the top cover to see if they are consuming syrup from a jar but for this inspection I'll be opening the inner cover to see the bees in all their glory (lol). The purpose of this inspection is to see if the bees are drawing comb and the queen is laying eggs, if these two things aren't happening than something is wrong.

Why am I scared? When bees don't have a home, like when I hived them for the first time, they are pretty docile (not aggressive). Sure, they can sting, but it isn't very likely. For the most part they are disoriented because they have no home, no honey to protect, so they tend to just fly around, staying oriented towards the queens scent. When they are hived and drawing out the frames with comb, they've established themselves as owners of the hive. Who would want someone intruding on their home?? The bees are no exception. So pardon me while I feel sick to my stomach for the next 3-4 days.

NOTE: Those white suits don't keep you from getting stung. Basically all they do is keep the bees calmer than they would be if I wore dark colors like blue, black or brown. So yes, the bees sting through the suit.
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