April 17, 2010

What should I do with all the dandelions?

It use to be that I knew three things about dandelions. (1) They kill grass (2) they are medicinal and (3) they are edible. As for the edible part, I'm ok with eating dandelion greens, my grandmother used them in salads, BUT.... who wants to eat a dandelion that has possibly been peed on by my dog while on her potty break or worse yet, contains pesticide blow over from the neighbors lawn. < That's the best rationalization strategy that I've got.

Now, to make me feel even more guilty for digging my dandelions is the new knowledge that honeybees LOVE them. In our class at the University we were encouraged NOT do dig our dandelions so that our little girls could visit them and bring nourishment back to their brood. Ah, the thought just breaks my heart. A bunch of woman out on a days work looking for food for their babies and all they find is empty black holes because Michelle was vain about her lawn and dug them out. Not the best way to go about building great relations with the soon to be new residents at my house.

I'm sure when our European ancestors brought dandelions to the new world they never imagined that we'd be trampling them, cursing them and spraying them to death years later. To be honest, I'm not even sure why I do it anymore. A nasty habit maybe? I guess I'll have to ponder this one for a while and possibly I'll have a change of heart when the 2nd round of yellow lions rear their heads this summer. For now they are all gone, into a heap in my compost bin.

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Why honeybees need dandelions

Dandelion pollen is moderately nutritious and the nectar is abundant. It doesn’t normally produce what we call a ‘surplus’, i.e. enough nectar to produce honey above and beyond what the bees will use for themselves, so you won’t generally see dandelion honey for sale, but it gives the bees a huge boost and adds to the health and wellbeing of the hive

Under the Willow said...

Michelle ~ I really like this is the coolest thing! I love following your bee adventures ~ I bet when they make honey it will be the best honey you have ever tasted!

DigitalBishop said...

Oh you really don't want to taste honey made from dandelions. It's extremely strong to the point of being unpalatable. Makes great bee feed though!