April 27, 2010

Today while out digging in the yard a wasp came and landed about a foot away from me. Bad memories of getting stung when I was child came flooding back. Wasps are my enemy. I know every insect has their place in society but I just can't find a soft spot in my heart for a wasp, hornet or yellow jacket. I love love love honey bees, bumble bees and mason bees but those other ugly stinging insects can trigger a panic attack if they get too close. 

Unfortunately we have a serious mole problem in our yard. Moles leave cavities in the ground which allows wasps to move in. Last year while mowing my hubby was stung 3x's in the leg. In late fall we notice paper comb all over the yard. ICK! is all I can say.

The wasp I saw today was 2 inches long. I cut its head off and the darn thing kept walking (with only the head and front limbs). DOUBLE ICK! I know they are moving in and I'm worried about my babies. #1 my children, #2 my honey bees.

I don't know if any of my readers have ever seen this YOU TUBE video of the Japenese Hornet trying to kill European Honeybees but it is very depressing and I'm not about to let this happen to my hive.
Under the Willow said...

I HATE wasps, hornets...they certainly are in a totally different class than honey bees...I'm off to watch the video.

Thanks for sharing!

Under the Willow said...

Post Script: I could only watch a part of the video- which is utterly amazing---I NEVER knew anything like that even could happen---It was some great filming-- I just was sadden to see this so I couldn't watch the whole thing-- maybe another time :)

Michelle said...

Isn't it disturbing. It is difficult to watch :(