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Today was bee pick-up day. We woke early, around 6 am and headed over to Nature's Nectar to pick up our girls. I had an ok nights sleep, wasn't worrying too much about today but about 3 miles away from our pick-up location I felt like I was about to vomit. All that self-doubt started to creep in. What had I gotten myself into? Was I fooling myself about becoming a beekeeper? Could I really do this? Was I just foraging ahead with another hobby that I'll tire of in a week? Grrr! I hate my brain sometimes. I took a few deep breaths and reminding myself that I was about to begin an important journey into the wonderful world of beekeeping. Learning about beautiful honeybees, an insect I once feared beyond comprehension. 

When we arrived there were a few people standing outside with their bee jackets on. Huh????? I thought maybe I had forgotten something. I quickly ran over to the lady in charge and asked if I was suppose have my bee suit on. She laughed, reassuring me that it wasn't necessary, she was only wearing hers because it kept her warm in the cool morning temps. My hubby made a "bee" line (lol) over to the coffee and donuts. They loaded my carniolans into the car and my 10 year old immediately shut the sliding door on the mini van enclosing herself inside with the new addition to our family. She jumped out a few moments later claiming the bees were boring because they weren't doing anything. I asked if they were humming and she said "um, yeah, I guess so." Weird, I thought.

Once hubby was finished socializing and eating (he's a Leo) we piled into the mini van and drove off. I leaned over and looked into the backseat to check out the bees and they were quiet, I couldn't hear a thing, so... it was a smooth ride home and all is now well. Thanks to my friend Natalie I now know that bees are quiet when they are cold. I should have knitted them 7,000 sweaters before picking them up. LOL!

BTW/the bees are much louder now. They've warmed and they want out! LOL!

Middy is checking the bees out in the car and Maya is checking them out after we got home.

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