While I was out weeding the backyard tonight I saw one of my bees crawling around on the ground. Odd I thought, considering she was about 4 feet from the hive. I went to pick her up and she tumbled off my glove only to land on her back. She buzzed vigorously and managed to right herself. She started walking about so I let her climb on my glove again, this time with success, all the while begging her not to sting me. I tried to get her to walk onto a flower in front of the hive but she wasn't interested. I thought about flicking her off but I imagined she could sting faster than I could flick. I regretted picking her up, knowing full well that the gloves were thin enough to be stung through. I decided since I had been idiotic enough to allow this venture that I needed a picture. I walked slowly up the stairs onto the deck on our house and yelled for my daughter to get the camera. I watched our little bee friend groom herself, at least that is what it looked like she was doing, for about 5 minutes. Then she stopped and took what looked like a "mini" nap and then started grooming again. Rubbing her head and eyes with her front legs and then pumping her back end (hoping that wasn't a sign I was about to be stung) and rubbing her back legs over her torso. She didn't seem to mind me at all. Of course, my hubby appeared, claiming I was holding her back from her sisters and insisted I flick her off so she could fly home. I was scared but he was guilting me into it. I flicked her and SHE DIDN'T FLY!!! I watched her drop quickly to the bottom of our deck (it is a long way down) and then proceeded to yell at my husband for guilting me into killing one of my own bees. He walked away leaving me in sorrow :( I feel badly. I can only hope that she hit the rocks below like a feather instead of like a brick.

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