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Some of the flowers I planted. This is butterfly weed. I thought it was so pretty growing around the lake, I decided to plant some in the yard.

Another pretty flower but I have no idea what it is. I'm too lazy to look at the hang tag out in the garden. It is a perennial and it spreads, that is all I know right now LOL! (Just learned that this is a: obedience plant, Physostegia virginiana. Thank you Cindy Naas Stapleton for recognizing the flower and giving it a name.)

Our broccoli is coming along nicely. Not sure what ate the leaves and maybe a more experienced gardner can enlighten me as to whether whatever ate the leaves are a good or bad thing??? (just learned that this is a cabbage loper (white butterfly that lays larva that eat the leaves) thank you Priscilla Powers Bue for the education! I now need to get out there and look for larva before they do anymore damage)

Ok, the only problem I have so far with gardening is not knowing when to harvest things. Is this lettuce ready to be harvested?

My lemon balm is growing great. Just need to have that tree removed that is sticking out behind it so I can make room for more.

I'm VERRRRRY happy with my rasberry bush. Next year I will plant several more since this year was such a success.

Here is a little bit of our fourth celebration.


Yana terrified on the baby slide.

Maya and Yana on the merry-go-round.

Middy's beautiful face.

Last but never the least, me and my fran in the garden.

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