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The only thing keeping me from throwing in the towel on this beekeeping venture is thinking that the death of all these brood really wasn't my fault. My hubby likes to tease me about it but I just didn't see any other way.

We did a partial reversal on our hive as many experienced beeks suggested we do. It wasn't in-line with what I learned at the University but what was happening with my hive wasn't what I learned at the University either. We were instructed to do a full reversal on the hive before fall, ONLY after the third hive body was filled with brood. Well, we have nearly 5 full frames of honey in the third hive body and yet we have no queen or brood in there. My mentor said my queen must be getting squeezed in that 2nd hive body (he actually told me this a few weeks ago) and yesterday told me to get my butt out there and do a partial reversal.

Hive body 2 would go in the place of 1 and vice versa. We removed hive body 3 and set it aside, we removed hive body 2 and that is when we saw the massacre. My bees had drawn out comb on top of the frames in hive body 1 and below the frames in hive body 2 and the queen placed brood there. I'm thinking this means the queen ran out of space and her tribe was creating new space for her to lay in. The sad part is, when hubby lifted the 2nd hive body it exposed the brood. I figured, and maybe I'm wrong, this brood was now dead so I took to scraping the comb off the top of the frames and in turn that also removed the brood. What makes it even sadder is the nurse bees weren't given up. They kept tending to this exposed brood and here I am 10 minutes later sitting at my computer, looking out the window and the brood I scraped off and there are still nurse bees tending to them.

I hope I did the right thing by scraping them because, and I don't know if any other beeks ever looked this closely, but one of the larvae is moving. The pupae aren't moving but oh yes, that lavae is :(

They look like they may have been drones?

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