Ok, my every Friday natural colorant posts aren't working out like I planned. Life is getting in the way. So, here it is. Natural soap colorant #3... Alkanet Root. I apologize for low picture quality, I took these photographs with my cell phone.

Alkanet Root is an herb that is used as a dying agent (among other things) and has been for centuries .

Here, I'm using it to color my soap.

To begin, I take 6 tablespoons of Alkanet Root and add it to 16 oz. of warm olive oil (that I've heated slightly on the stove).

I let it sit in the pan for 5 minutes and then pour it into a clean jar, cover, and let sit over night.

The following day I strain the oil.

I add the olive oil to the other oils in my soap recipe. Add the lye/water. Mix until trace.

Continue with the other additives at trace. Pour into mold.

This is the result 48 hours later. Tiny bit of ash on top but looking great. Turned out a deep purple.

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