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This week I made soap using Parlsey Powder. Parsley, as you probably already know, is commonly used as a spice in cooking. I always confuse it with cilantro even thought they really look nothing alike. I'm just goofy that way. I'm not a fan of the way parsley tastes but I like to use it when I want to color my soap green. I haven't experimented with it very much but I do know that something is influencing the staying power of the color in my soaps. Oils, essential ois? Not sure. I've used it to swirl in one batch and it lasted about 3 months and then faded to nearly non-existent, I used it to color a top layer of one batch green and it lasted over 8 months before starting to fade. Of course, the oils and eo's were different in each batch. But anyway... This won't be an experiment, it just gives you an idea of how beautiful the natural color is. I've purchased the parsley powder instead of drying and grinding my own.

Steps: Pretty easy. I used 1 tsp per pound of soap and this batch was 4 lbs. I take out half the the raw soap and add the parsley. I stick blend it until smooth and fully combined and then add it back into the other half of the uncolored raw soap. I stir it in, I don't blend. I just feel more in control, making sure no lumps exist. Once it is mixed well I just plop it in the mold and I'm done. (Oh, add your fragrance after the colorant is mixed entirely with all the raw soap).

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