Carrie over at Under The Willow Gifts has created some great dog shampoo. I recently purchased a bottle from her for my little ones (I have three chihuahuas) and decided to give it a go. Normally, they hit the groomers, but since my oldest isn't doing well on trips away from home and the others don't like to go anywhere without her, we've decided to do their bathing ourselves. 

Here is my oldest getting a clean coat

Lathering her up:

Enjoying the warm water and massage:

I really love this dog shampoo.

#1 It is natural
#2 It lathers a lot
#3 It is silky smooth
#4 A little goes a long long way
#5 It smells great
#6 The scent lasts (2 days later and my dogs still smell beautiful)

Carrie was also very sweet as to send me two bags of laundry soap for cleaning my dogs bed and fluffy toys. Thank you Carrie!!

Please check out Carrie's store at:

or at her website
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