May 24, 2010

It was really hot today (94 degrees F) so the bees having been in "fanning" mode (see earlier posts for "fanning" video). They are all perched near the entrance of the hive "fanning" their wings in order to cool things down.

I'm really fascinated by this since to me it is quite foreign. The idea that bees can fan outside the tiny hive entrance and actually cool the hive down is beyond my comprehension. How do those little wings generate enough wind to cool anything? How does the wind from their wings get into that tiny entrance? Once again, this fanning reminds me how amazing these little creatures are.

It is difficult to see the "fanning" in a picture since you can't make out the movement of wings but there are a couple of bees on this photo where you see thier wings are a bit blurry they are fluttering so fast. The others facing the hive were also fanning but it isn't quite so clear.

(this is what remains of the bees outside of the hive since propping the outer cover up a little bit). I want to close the outer cover but on the advise of more experienced beekeepers I've decided to wait until morning. Of course I won't sleep a wink, I'll be worried about the hive cover blowing off. I'm such a nut case!
TeresaR said...

Bees are smart little things! :) Don't worry too much; get some sleep, my dear.

Michelle said...

Now you know one of my major character flaws. I worry waaaaaaay too much (still searching for a cure). Thanks T! :)