The Queen Lives!!

in , by Michelle, 3:08 PM
Yesterday my beekeeping mentor came over to help me find the queen bee that I thought died. He was nice enough to check on the activity in the hide, explain rotation of frames again and help find the queen. I was relieved when we hit frame #6 that there was a live and laying queen. She was not happy about being exposed to the light so she was somewhat burried under a pile of nurse bees. 

This was the first time I witnessed bee "fanning" and bee "dancing." Both of which were super cool to see. One little bee at the entrance was fanning and several bees were dancing about in the hive (shaking their tail feathers at their sisters). BTW/bees don't have feathers I just thought it would be cool to type that. Anyway, all is well in casa de bees. Won't be long now before a new hive body will need to be added :)

Bee "fanning" :

Bee "dancing" :
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