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My hive has grown

 I'm not 100% sure I should have added the 2nd hive body but since the bees went from covering 5 full frames to now covering 8 full frames (some weren't fully drawn) in one week, I thought it best to add another one. I can't believe they made that much progress in less than 7 days. 

Mia and Joy watching as I open the hive

The bees are busy taking care of the babies

Joy and Mia checking out one of the frames

I was feeling really good about doing inspections and such but this time it felt a little scary. There were twice as many bees as before and I think I killed a few :( At one point the bees got really really pissed (I hope I didn't kill the queen) while I was putting a frame back in place. I've never heard them buzz as loudly as they did right then. On top of being nervous with all the buzzing going on it was hot outside so I was sweating something fierce. Plus, Joy and Mia were here and I wanted to make sure I didn't rush through too quickly so they would be able to see a few things. Hopefully their experience was good.

2nd hive body is in place, moved to the 2nd larger size opening in entrance reducer and pulled the cork in first hive body. Time will tell if I messed things up (7 days til next hive inspection).

Funny. When hubby saw how many bees there were he gave me "the look" and said "what have you gotten yourself into." Which caused more droplets of sweat to form above my brow.
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