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My poor bees are overheating (94 f outside). They'd rather be outside than in. Not sure what this means??? I was told in beekeeping class that we can't move to the 2nd largest opening in the entrance reducer until we add the 2nd hive body, nor can I remove the cork until adding the 2nd hive body but my little bees are baking. Will they leave if I don't provide more ventilation? I'm soooooooooo tempted to remove the cork in the hive body but what if their numbers are too low to defend themselves from intruders?

I went and propped the outer cover up a bit with some sticks and so far the cluster has diminished a bit (great!). There are still quite a few bees at the entrance (much more than usual), looks like they may be fanning (I didn't get close enough to tell). My bee mama skills are lacking since when I opened the cover I discovered they were out of sugar syrup and they were clustered around the sugar jar as well (poor girls). I feel badly about that :(
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