May 2, 2010

Well, my life right now is about getting my garden in order, cleaning out the house (seriously, I have a roll-off sitting in the driveway), nursing my poor hubby back to health (threw his back out last week and hasn't recovered yet), taking care of my babies (children and my bees). I've been focussing on the bee venture lately (obsessing is a better word) so I haven't been doing much creating for my website. Gawd, I feel guilty about that. Hang in there people, hang in there, it is coming I swear. I did manage to create a custom order of foaming body polish.

I just packed 7 bars of soap for a swap that we are doing over at We Love Soap on Facebook. Can't share them yet since it is suppose to be a surprise. The theme is all natural and I look forward to seeing what others have made. I have 7 others in my group and they are all very creative so I will definitely be blogging about the swap once the soaps arrive.

I forgot to share a few photos of our trip to Mexico. We went the first of April for 10 days to visit my in-laws.

I'm also busy blogging about my beekeeping adventure over at MY LIFE WITH BEES so come check out the new pictures of my girls.