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My two daughters (mainly my oldest) are going to try and attempt keeping bumble bees this year.  

Bumble bees are endangered the same way honeybees are. Their numbers are dwindling and the cause is unknown although the suspected cause is pesticide use. Without bumblebees there will be inadequate pollination of certain plants. 

Although bumblebees are kept commercially to pollinate crops my children are going to do it for the same reason I keep the honeybees, for the love of nature!

Unfortunately there is just a 20-50% success rate getting a captured bumblebee to lay eggs, so from the start it is a challenge. Bumblebees are also a bit picky about the climate, preferring 50% humidity and temps above 70 degrees F. The girls sure have their work cut out for them but hopefully in the process they will learn a lot about this very beneficial insect and we certainly aren't in short supply around here. The bumblebees love my roses.
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